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Joe Wagner is native of San Diego. In 1999, he earned a Radio/TV/Film degree and a minor in Communication Studies from Cal State Northridge. While in college, he was a campus Disc Jockey, worked for the LA Dodges as a Diamond Vision Intern, named a reality TV show for the USA Network, interned at three different radio stations and worked at San Onofre as a Nuclear Security Guard. With those experiences, Joe learned a very important lesson about himself which is he loves to be around people immersed in a wide variety of challenges using his gifts to create solutions and achieve goals. In the early 2000’s, he started to pursue a career in sales. His first job was selling websites to Realtors all over the country. The experience of speaking with Realtor clients inspired him so much that he decided he wanted to get into the real estate business. In 2003, he got his real estate license and has been working in real estate sales and property management ever since. In 2014, he became a California Real Estate Broker and started Integrated Housing Solutions Inc.

The purpose of Integrated Housing Solutions Inc. is to provide owners of residential real estate with first class property management services, real estate sales and real estate investment opportunities. Our pursuit is to exceed expectations and use our experience and expertise in the market to achieve our client’s objectives/desires/goals.